About Us  

We at SKI 2 ITALY are very curious people. For this reason we have traveled widely, filling our minds with our experiences like an imaginary notebook of traveling; with the dreams, colors, culture, people, and beauty of Italy.

We have leafed through the pages of our skiing memories in order to find the meeting point between history and charm, between man and culture, and between reality and folklore.

Thus was born the idea for SKI 2 ITALY: a team of professionals, able to guide you through the most fascinating ski resorts of Italy, and to offer a framework of a style and taste pure Italian.

Wherever you decide to go we will be at your side to accompany you on the adventure of your departure. For those that love to ski and not only, our expertise and our enthusiasm will allow you to travel with peace of mind.

Look carefully at our website, call, ask; You will surely find the best destination for you. All you decide is where to go…
…we will think about the rest at

Your Winter Holiday Starts Here.