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How long will it take to fly to Italy?
Depending from which North American city you fly from, it can take as little as only six hours. Italy is six hours ahead of the East coast and nine hours from the West coast. Departing from anywhere in the USA, you’ll be in Italy the next day and coming back home, you’ll return the same say that you left!

Is it the food in Italy safe to eat?
Of course! Everyone has eaten Italian food. The ingredients are the same in Italy as in the USA or maybe slightly different because of the freshness and the typical Italian ingredients are not available here in the USA or they cost too much!
Don’t believe anyone who tells you that pizza was invented in New York City or Chicago! It was invented in Italy! A cow says “moo” over in Italy. And bologna can be found there as well, because it was named after the Italian city of Bologna where it originated.
At least once in an Italian restaurant you will hear the words, “Mangia, Mangia!” meaning “Eat, Eat!” because the Italian meal is composed generally of five courses, from appetizer to dessert and coffee. From the first course of pasta or soup to the second course of meat or fish and then to a dish of cheese or fruit everyone will encourage you to test all of them. Relax, you are on a holiday and walking to the next museum or shop will burn all those calories!

Do I need to speak Italian in Italy?
In Italy, most of us have learned English and other foreign languages since we were very little children so don’t worry if your Italian is not perfect because once there, look at how we talk. Speak softly and waive your hands trying to express what you are looking for. Not only will you have fun doing this, but you’ll also be surprised that a sign is worth a thousand words!


Do I need a Passport and a Visa to travel to Italy?
Yes, all travelers are required to present a valid passport for international travel. Your passport should be valid for at least six months after the travel date. USA and Canadian citizens are not required to have any visa to travel to Italy under most circumstances. Always verify with the local Consulate or Embassy to make sure that the rules have not changed.

Why do I have to provide the names on the passport to Ski2Italy?
Due to the newly-introduced security measures, any discrepancies between the name on the airline reservation and your passport, including minor misspellings, may result in the denial of service from the airline carrier and/or the impossibility to leave or reenter the USA. Also any correction on the airline reservation may require cancellation and rebooking, incurring in a Re-Booking Fee assessed by the airline or a higher airfare. In order to avoid any of the above, we require always in writing the information on the passports.

Can I drive in Italy?
Of course you can drive in Italy. We invented the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and the Vespa scooters. We drive on the same side of the road as in USA and most of the road signs are equal to the ones here.

What about travel directions and car rentals?
Don’t worry. “All the roads lead to ROME!“ Italian laws require car renters to be at least twenty-one years old with a valid credit card. Additional insurance is also required for renters under the age of twenty-five.


How early should I make my travel plans to Italy?
As soon as possible because Italy is very popular. People from all over the world come to enjoy the food, the culture and the Italian beauties. Don’t Wait! This will also ensure the best airfares and hotels availability.

How do I pay?
The airlines and Ski 2 Italy accept all major credit cards with the exception of Diners Club. Also, payment by cashiers checks, money orders or bank wire transfers is possible. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information on how to pay for your ski trip to Italy.

When I should expect to receive my travel documents?
Once your travel arrangements have been paid in full, documents are generally available between 14 to 21 days prior departure.

What will happen if my reservation to Italy can not be confirmed?
If one or more services chosen and purchased can not be confirmed and an acceptable alternative cannot be found, your payment will be completely refunded.

May I ask for special requests?
Of course! It’s our commitment and mission to help you experience a unique trip to Italy. We will try to do the impossible up to the best of our knowledge and possibilities to accommodate any special request. Don’t hesitate! Call, email or fax us! We are always available to answer all your questions.


What does the Optional Travel Protection Plan cover?
See www.ski2italy.com/insurance.html

What will happen if I do not purchase travel insurance?
See www.ski2italy.com/terms-and-conditions.html


What type of accommodations should I expect in Italy?
All the hotels offered are centrally located with all the modern comforts and services. The hotel rating system is based on the country visited. Europe is based on a star scale ranging from one to five where 1* is the lowest category and 5***** is the highest category.

What does Double Occupancy mean?
A double occupancy refers to the price stated for a room that can accommodate two adults persons with a double or queen-sized bed or two separate beds. Other accommodations offered, a single or triple, may have an additional fee.

What does Bed and Breakfast (BB), Half Board (HB), and Full Board (FB) mean?
These terms indicate which meal plan is included with your hotel accommodations. Bed and Breakfast includes a room with a cold or hot buffet breakfast meal or a Continental Breakfast consisting of coffee or tea served with toast or muffins and sometimes fruit.
Half Board includes Breakfast and usually a five-course dinner. Beverages are not included.
Full Board consists of all three meals, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with your accommodations.

Rooms with or without private bath?
All the Italian hotel properties have private baths en suite either with a tub and shower or shower only.


What is a Fuel Surcharge?
Due to the increase of airplane fuel, airlines have added a new tax which varies between $110 to $160 USD per ticket.

When will I have to pay the taxes?
Taxes can vary from airline to airline and country to country. We do our best to approximate the tax amount when quoting the airfare. However, no fare is guaranteed until ticketed and my increase several times prior to that moment.

Can I earn frequent flyer miles on my ski to Italy?
Most airlines allow passengers to earn frequent flyer miles on the air travel. Please always double check with the airline to verify that you are eligible.


Don’t hesitate!! Call, email fax to Ski 2 Italy! We are always available to answer all your questions. You can have immediate assistance by calling our toll-free number at 1-877-SKI-ITALY ( 1-877-754-4825 ) or email us at travel@ski2italy.com

Hope to speak with you soon! Ciao!

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