About Cervinia Italy | Ski2ItalyBrueil Cervinia has what the outdoor athlete wants in the winter and the summer, altitude. For centuries now, athletes have been coming to this resort to enjoy the challenge of the Matterhorn. In the summer months, climbers leave from here to climb the Matterhorn, or Monte Cervino as it is known by the Italians. In the winter, the mountain’s perfect snow conditions on over 150 miles of slopes, combined with beautiful weather make Cervinia one of the best places to ski in Europe.

Located in the Italian Alps, Cervinia is a ski resort town that is located on the Italian side of the Matterhorn. Built with the express purpose of being a ski resort in the 1960’s, the town lacks the picturesque charm that many other resorts lay claim to, but the incredible views from every angle of the majestic Matterhorn more than makes up for the lack of charm in the town.


Ski Area Map and Description

Skiing in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyFor skiers, Cervinia has the perfect intermediate level slopes. The 394 inches or 1 meter of fresh powder lit gets every year earns the resort the distinction of having the best snowfall in the country. The nearby resorts of Valtournenche and Zermatt are linked to Cervinia by lift and it is possible to ski and snowboard on the glacier in the summer.

About 34% of the 153 miles or 247 km of slopes on the mountain are intermediate or red-coded runs. These are generally very long and wide, and there are mountainside restaurants to stop at and enjoy the view along the way.

Skiing Information in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyLocated mostly above the tree line, there can be high winds, and most of the more advances runs are on the higher slopes. The area of Plateau Rosa, which stands at 11,182 feet, is the link to Zermatt in Switzerland and has some of the most spectacular views.

The resort is mainly for intermediate skiers and some of the black-coded runs are technically at the intermediate level. The resort of Zermatt, on the other side of the mountain will have runs better suited to the expert skier.

The summer skiing and snowboarding on the Plateau Rosa, a glacier, goes from June to September. While the expert and intermediate skiers will not find much of a challenge here, freestyle, racing and beginner skiers, as well as boarders will find the glacier a great place to ski.

Ski Map of Cervinia

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Lifts and Tickets

Skiing Lifts and Tickets in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyThe lifts at Cervinia can transport 21,000 skiers per hour. Some of the lifts are old, but the resort is modernizing its facilities. Besides the lines are not so long, due to the fact that passes for over two days are checked with an electronic system run by Swatch country. There are two lift tickets that are available. The local pass gives skiers access to the Italian resorts of both Cervinia and Valtournenche with an extension in others county’s resorts. The international ski pass is comprised of Cervinia, Valtournenche and Zermatt in Switzerland. The local pass for one day costs about $38, while the six-day pass is about $204. The international pass costs $12 more daily or about $45 more for the six-day ticket.

Other discount passes are available. Kids, that are 5 and under, ski for free. Passes for children under 12 are discounted. There is a discounted pass that is good for the beginner slopes. There are also group passes available and senior citizens discounts.

One problem with crowds is that there is no limit on the number of lift passes sold by the resort. The mountain also closes in case of inclement weather or avalanches.

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For Beginners

Skiing For Beginners in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyThe beginner slopes or the blue-coded slopes make up about 34% of the runs in Cervinia. The best beginner area is called Plan Maison, and can be reached by cable car. One should note however, that students in the ski schools have first priority on the lifts, and this area will in general be very crowded on the weekends.

Most of the beginner slopes are in the mid-mountain area, but there are some that are nearer the top. This means that even someone just learning, can enjoy the spectacular views the Matterhorn has to offer.

The glacier, as stated above, is a great place for beginners to ski in the summer, and the First Bends Ski-Pass is a discounted lift ticket that beginners can buy to use on the Cretaz blue-coded slopes.

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For Intermediates

Skiing For Intermediates in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyThe majority of the runs in Cervinia, 61%, are red-coded intermediate runs. The fact that the slopes are long and wide guarantees intermediate skiers runs that are fabulous for cruising. One of the best intermediate runs is Ventina, which is five miles long and goes from the Plateau Rosa, all the way to the village. The 14-mile trail the leads to Valtournenche will be challenging to intermediates, and some of the black-coded runs will be a good choice for advanced intermediates. Heli-skiing is something that the intermediate skiers should try as well.

For Experts

The resort is not the best place for the advance skiers as only 5% of the runs are black-coded and some of these are in actuality on the intermediate level. The most challenging trails are in Zermatt, in Switzerland, which is linked to Cervinia through the lift system. For one wishing to hit Mach 5, the Kilometro Volante is the best bet, as well as the off-pist skiing near Cieloalto.

For someone who wants to race, Cervinia is not the resort for you. But, for someone who wants to watch a race, Cervinia is heaven. The Cervino-Valtournenche Ski and Race Club is located here and with 900 members with 150 actively competitive racers, there are a lot of races to watch. The club has children’s races as well, and trails are set up and then taken down after the race.

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For Children

Snowboarding in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyOn Plan Maison, the kid zone is open and there are ski lessons for children over 5. There is also an outside children’s park located in the middle of the resort. Children’s lift tickets are discounted. The Topolino (Italian name for Mickey Mouse) Sport Snow Festival is an event hosted by Disney held in the spring where kids six to fifteen years of age can compete in giant slalom and cross-country skiing events. For the younger skiers there are obstacle races.

The resort itself is child-friendly and there are babysitting services that are available at the Biancaneve Childcare Center, for children over the age of two: a Baby Club with snow games, group activities, creative workshops and parties.

Night Skiing

There are lighted slopes in Cervinia but only for some events or competitions.

Free Skiing

Free Skiing in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyThe heli-skiing is a great option for the advanced and intermediate skier, discovering the most enthusiastic descents in the Matterhorn valley and of Monte Rosa One can ski the glacier or the forest, but one needs to reserve it early. Is a quite expensive but it is an amazing experience. As group numbers increase, rates drop. Safety is guaranteed by a highly experienced high-altitude pilot and Alpine Guides that know their mountain. You can choose from different time and itinerary.

It’s also possible to enjoy some free skiing without the helicopter flight but always with the highly safety facilities.

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Cross Country Skiing

Cross-country skiers will be disappointed with what Cervinia has to offer. There is only a two-mile prepared track for any level that is close to the base of the mountain and has some restaurants close by.

In the close Valtournenche there are other two cross country skiing trails: the Champleve one, long 2 miles and the Maen one with three different lengths (from 1 to 4 miles) around the little Maen lake.

Thanks to the high altitude the trail of Breuil Cervinia is open all winter long with natural snow cover.
The entry costs about $5 but it’s free with the weekly ski-pass.

Only For Snowboarding

Snowboarding in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyCervinia is a paradise for snowboarders. Progress and fun in all aspects of the new and big Snowpark. But Cervinia is the most not only for freestylers: heliskiing is a great option for borders, as well as the slopes in Zermatt, in Switzerland. Routes 19 and 20 are runs to try and are located off the Lago Blu lift as well as the Valtournenche trail which is long and full or curves which the hard boot carvers will enjoy.

Many events are held at the snowpark in Cervinia: official competitions and exhibitions with parties, famous riders and equipment trials.

Indian Park, this is the name of the new snow park of Breuil-Cervinia situated next to the chair lift Fornet just above Plan Maison. Almost one kilometer in length and 100 meters wide, narrowing naturally to divide the beginners area from that of the experts. At the entrance to the Park, on your right, you will find the area reserved for beginners with three kickers in line, of different heights (2,4,6 meters) and technical level. Next to the jumps, a series of three rails (6 m flat, flat descent of 3 and 5 and a box of 4 meters by 50 cm in height and width). Also two tubes of six meters for beginners. The expert area consists of four jumps in line with a flat of 10 to 18 meters.

Snowboarding in Cervinia Italy | Ski2ItalyAlternating with the jumps is a series of rails with the possibility to try out the series of six structures (kickers of 10, box of 4, flat descent 3+3+3 meters). From here three possibilities; large wall of 6 meters and 3.6 meters in height, kicker of 18 meters, descending rail of 6 meters with the last two kickers of 12 and 15 meters in line. Someone will be available all winter long to video your day inside the park. This service is the only one of its kind, it records for posterity your unforgettable day on the snow via images and video that are personalized and unique.

A special daily ski pass for all snowboarders is available at about $ 26 valid for a return trip to Plan Maison and unlimited access to the chair lifts Rocce Nere, Plan Maison and Fornet.
The glacier has a snowboard park as well, the GRAVITY PARK di Plateau Rosa, so for some great summer boarding, Cervinia is the place to go.

They also organize a summer camp: lessons will take place from Sunday to Friday mornings on the glacier and during the afternoon lessons about the freestyle, freeride techniques and respect for the mountain.

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Other Activities

Snow Sports

Snow Sports in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyIn Cervinia you can enjoy a variety of snow activities for everyone. Cervinia is a place noted for its popularity in ice climbing. Experts will love the ice climbing options in this area; however, there are possibilities for the beginner as well. You can book lessons as well as guided trips. The best climbs are located near Courmayeur, under the Mont Blanc massif. The companies can provide transportation.

A guide can take you snow hiking in the backcountry over a variety of terrains.

One can find snowshoes for rent at most of the rental shops in town. However, one’s best bet is to hire a guide for snowshoeing excursions. There are excursions for all levels, and they provide equipment as well as transportation.

For someone who wants to have fun, there is a myriad of possibilities.

Snow Sports in Cervinia Italy | Ski2ItalyThe outdoor ice skating rink in the town is open only in the winter during the afternoons and evenings. There are skate rentals available. Mountain bike excursions take place on the snow at night, with the possibility to feel the difference to drive the bike on it.

You will have taken up the pist by ski-doo, then descend together in a Family dinghy or you can come down individually on single dinghies, adult or child ones.

Why not try the newest Zorbing? Imagine yourself suspended inside a ten-foot clear plastic sphere by nylon ropes, then rolled to the top of a steep hill and pushed off. No brakes, no steering, just you and gravity.

And is also possible to enjoy Quad, DevalKart, bob, tubing and sleg dog on an almost 4 miles slope.

For the most daring, the backcountry snowmobiling is fantastic in Cervinia. The only rental places is located just outside of town. A one-hour trip goes through a beautiful mountainous terrain. Snowmobiling is available also in the night.

For the most fearless, the most amazing activity to do in Cervinia is paragliding flights. With a qualified instructor, in extreme security, enjoy the emotion to fly and to admire the wonderful panoramas from the sky.

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Excursions In Cervinia | Ski2ItalyTake a break on the slopes and discover a fairytale-like place. An immense transparent cathedral, the ice caves can be found 15 meters under the surface of the glacier Plateau-Rosà and can be reached by a 50-meter long gallery carved out of the ice. It has a clover-like form, a diameter of 26 meters and height of 5 meters; with these dimensions it is the highest and largest in the world. Extremely evocative of intense emotion, this cavern is enforced by particular illumination and classical music diffused in the background. The entrance is situated near the arrival station of the Piccolo Cervino cable car.

But the fairytale atmosphere continues with the seven castles in the area, that they are especially captivating in the winter months when they are covered in snow. The Fenis, Issogne, Saint-Pierre and the Verres are the most famous. Most of these castles date back to the 14th century and were under control of the Challant family. The castles are now museums that hold painting, furniture and artifacts.

A little curiosity: the highest museum in the World in located in Cervinia. Called a “Mountain at Work”, this museum shows tells the story of the ski lift, from its invention, to the modern machinery used today. This will be interesting to skiers and is located on top of the Plateau.

Fitness Facilities

In Cervinia there is a swimming pool with a little sauna, a gym center and an indoor climbing wall at the Municipal sport center.

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There are no spas in Cervinia though some of the four-star hotels will have some spa facilities. There a massage service in some beauty shops of Cervinia too.


Shopping in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyCervinia has its fair share of shopping. One will find sporting good stores, shoes stores, shops for beauty supplies, and jewelry as well as souvenirs and locally produced crafts. There are better options as well as prices.

in nearby Aosta and Chatillon, but for duty-free shopping head over the border to Zermatt, Switzerland where one can find the best deals.
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Apres Ski

The town of Cervinia is not famous for its nightlife, but the reality is that there is plenty to do after skiing in this resort. There is a myriad of dining possibilities as well as for dancing and drinking.

Be a part of a tradition, enjoy the Italian merenda after an hard skiing day in some coffee shop. The pasticceria is the Italian word for cafes with pastry shop but don’t forget to taste the real traditional merenda valdostana is the Mourdja: with salami, potatoes, cheese and good wine.

Apres Ski in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyThere are over 40 different restaurants in Cervinia; the town has enough variety to satisfy any eater. Specialties of the regions include speck (a sort of bacon), polenta and meat stew. Grappa and genepi are local liquors to warm one up after a cold day of skiing.

The resort has a laidback atmosphere but there are high-class restaurants as well as eateries that cater to the casual diner. The fancier restaurants are usually located in hotels.

Some of the resorts restaurants are located on the mountain. The prices are not outrageous and the food is quite good. One is recommended to eat on the Italian side of the Matterhorn, rather than in nearby Switzerland.

After a delicious Valdostana dinner, let’s start to party.
There are many clubs and bars in which to spend the evening in Cervinia.

Two discos in town are the Etoile, which generally has an older crowd, and the Garage.

The most popular bars are just across from the slopes. You’ll find plenty of English-speakers, be they from the England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Sweden or the Netherlands. All bars have good happy hours and all are within five minutes’ walk of each other.

For a more elegant and quiet après-ski enjoy a Tea Room for drinks, tea and pastries. Or one instead, can try a rustic wine bar.

Close to Cervinia you can find one of most famous Casino in Italy. The casino is 19 miles away in St. Vincent. Be aware that casinos in Europe tend to be more elegant than their stateside cousins, so dress appropriately.

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Festivals & Events in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyFestival & Events

As stated above, during the second week of April Disney hosts the Topolino (Mickey Mouse) Sport Snow Festival. The One-Kilometer High Speed Race was started in Cervinia and occurs annually. The White Skin Game, is a golf tournament held on the snow for both professionals and amateurs.

Useful Information

Location and Elevation

Italy, Aosta Valley. An infinite snowy area that begins at 1,524 meter, in Valtournenche, it embraces Breuil-Cervinia, rises up to 3,480 meters of Plateau Rosà, touches the 4,000 meter peak of Piccolo Cervino, climbs up to 4,478 metr to the top of the Matterhorn. An area where the infinite snow continues on the Swiss side to Zermatt. This is an area where the snow is the setting of sport, holiday and fun.

Resort: 6,742 feet or 2,050 meters
Top of Mountain: 11,472 feet or 3,488 meters
Vertical Drop: 4,730 feet or 1,438 meters

Cervinia is a glacier resort with the best annual snowfall in the country.

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Snow and Weather

Snow and Weather in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyThe high altitude insures that Cervinia receives plenty of snow each year. The average yearly snowfall is 394 inches.
Due to its southern exposure, Cervinia is mostly in the sun. This insures great temperature for skiing, but also can create icy slopes in the morning or late-afternoon hours. These icy conditions are usually only a problem late in the season. Avalanche warnings are posted on the lifts.

This is a high-altitude resort and so altitude sickness may be a problem for some. It is recommended to drink plenty of water, be careful of the sun, eat enough and if prone to altitude sickness, take one’s time ascending the mountain.

Ski & Snowboard School

The 14 rental shops in Cervinia carry modern equipment for skiers as well as snowboarders, but there tends to be a better selection for skiers. Prices may vary, but the generally, the better the quality of equipment, the higher the price.

One can avoid a lack of selection and long lines by planning ahead. Beware that shops are very busy during weekends and holidays.
There are some family or group discounts available as well as discounts on children’s rentals. Credit cards are accepted and insurance is not included in the price.

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Ski Rent

Ski Rent in Cervinia | Ski2ItalyThe 14 rental shops in Cervinia carry modern equipment for skiers as well as snowboarders, but there tends to be a better selection for skiers. Prices may vary, but the generally, the better the quality of equipment, the higher the price.

One can avoid a lack of selection and long lines by planning ahead. Beware that shops are very busy during weekends and holidays.
There are some family or group discounts available as well as discounts on children’s rentals. Credit cards are accepted and insurance is not included in the price.

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